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We’ll go the extra mile to get you back on the road.

The AClaim crew has over 50 years’ combined experience dealing with personal injuries caused by road traffic accidents.

At AClaim we have a special interest in motorcycle, cyclist and e-scooter accidents. Whether a relatively minor injury or a more serious accident that has caused significant, life changing pain and suffering, our team can help.

We pride ourselves on having the experience to be honest with you. If you have not got a claim we will tell you. We will not waste your time. If we think you do have a claim, we will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

Your health and wellbeing is always our top priority, we only work with the very best experts in their fields of medicine and injury who are extremely skilled in medico-legal reporting.

Getting you back to health and back on track when you are able will always be our goal.

Just recently I have taken on a matter involving a motorcyclist who was struck head-on by a drunk driver.

My clients’ previous solicitors showed no interest in pursuing the case thoroughly, so he approach me to take over the case.

I visited him at his home one Sunday afternoon so that I could fully understand the circumstances around the accident, witness the challenges he is facing and meet with his wife and family.

My visit put their minds at ease and helped answer the questions they had.

Sadly his injuries are extensive and they will be life altering. As a result, I expect a large settlement.

Gary Laiolo | Tel: 0151 601 8543 Email:

Motorcycle Accident Solicitors in Chester

When involved in a motorbike accident, it can be challenging to navigate the complex legal landscape. That’s where AClaim motorcycle accident solicitors play a crucial role. Our legal experts specialise in handling accident cases and have extensive knowledge of the legal system.

Bike accident solicitors can provide invaluable assistance, from helping you fill out paperwork to representing you in court. They work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries, lost wages, and medical expenses.

One unique aspect of motorcycle accident cases is the need for specialised knowledge of motorcycles and the laws that govern their use.

We frequently work with clients in Chester and across the whole of England and Wales. Unlike many other solicitors, our lawyers frequently go the extra mile by visiting you in the comfort of your own home, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of your case.

Over 50 years combined experience in Motorbike Accidents Chester

Motorbike Accident Solicitors have vast expertise in managing claims related to bike accidents. Our team of personal injury experts have a thorough understanding of each case and the legal procedures required to provide the best possible outcome for their clients.

With over 25 years in handling motorcycle accident claims, they have helped many clients obtain a fair settlement based on their individual circumstances.

Their approach is simple yet effective; they work closely with their clients to gather all necessary evidence to build a strong case. They collaborate with industry experts, medical professionals, and other relevant parties to ensure that every aspect of the case is well covered. Their goal is to provide their clients with a stress-free experience during these challenging times.

Having established relationships with leading insurance companies, their solicitors have a deep understanding of their tactics and how to negotiate effectively. This experience allows them to obtain the maximum compensation for their clients, ensuring they receive the financial support they need to recover from their accident.

Types of road accident

Come a cropper on a motorcycle, bike or scooter?

We'll tell you if you have a valid claim
No bullsh#t guaranteed.

Sports bike accident?

Whether you fancy yourself as Valentino Rossi or Carey Hart, we understand that there is no thrill quite like that when you take a bend on the limit. Just because you like the speed though, doesn't mean bike accidents are always the sport bike drivers fault.

Classic Cruiser accident?

Often a riders' pride and joy, injury whilst riding your American Dream or your custom made bike can feel even more painful! Although considered to be 'safer' than a sports bike, we still see life altering injuries and the pain and suffering often caused can be high.

Moped accident?

The slowest form of 'motorbike' these classic bikes are still very popular with young people and city dwellers. Usually, they will have an engine size of 50cc or less and a top speed of around 28mph, a speed that if you have a collision or you are hit could result in injury.

E-Scooter or E-Bike accident?

With more and more electric bikes and scooters on the road and legislation looking to go through in the coming years, we are starting to see claims come through. If you have been injured whilst riding an e-bike or e-scooter we can help.

Scooter accident?

Often used to zip through towns and cities, scooters have a kudos all their own. Scooters might suggest a reduced risk as they are slower, but they take longer to get moving and so collisions from the side or from behind are common.

Bicycle accident?

You might not be going as fast as a motorbike, but cyclist injuries continue to rise year on year. From hit and run, to blind spot junction crashes, when you are on a bike, you are vulnerable, engine or not.

Kissed the asphalt?
Arse in the grass?

We have a wealth of experience in many types of accidents from small spills to those more damaging.


A complex area of law, otherwise known as lane splitting, is a completely legal move for bikes in the UK.

Potholes & Hazards

Potholes, uneven road surfaces and debris along a country lane can all play a part in increasing the risks for 2 wheel road users.


No matter how careful you are, the majority of accidents in the UK occur at road junctions. Drivers often overlook the presence of an oncoming motorcyclist, while extensive studies indicate a considerable number of drivers struggle to accurately assess the speed at which motorcycles are traveling.

Hit & Run

Hit by a driver that did not stop? Compensation claims do not require you to be actually hit - being run off the road is considered equally negligent.

Pillion Passenger

This is where you have been injured as a passenger on a bike. These are often quick to resolve, especially if the bike driver has Pillion insurance.

Car Doors

A common reason for motorcycle accidents are car doors opening into oncoming traffic. The consequence of this at times can be severe.

Fuel Spill

Hard to see, a fuel spill of petrol or diesel can be lethal to bikers. Rainfall can increase the risk of the fuel becoming even more slippy too. Claims like these are mostly compensated by The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

Head On Collision

Injuries in these accidents can very often be devastating, with the impact being double the force (both vehicles hitting each other at its own speed added together). The life changing injuries often experienced here truly need expert advice.

My experience with
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I was out on my motorbike and got hit by a van on the wrong side of the road and the driver was drunk. Gary came to visit me at my home - 200 miles away! so he could find out what happened and help me claim compensation. Thanks to Gary I no longer have to worry about how I'm going to pay my mortgage or support my family financially while I'm getting treatment.
Highly recommend Gary
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Throughout the entire process, Gary and the team at AClaim were by my side, offering invaluable guidance and reassurance. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking legal assistance following a bike accident, as they truly go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.
Wish I’d found AClaim sooner
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I was fortunate enough to have Gary at AClaim step in and handle my motorbike accident claim. To say that Gary's expertise and dedication impressed me would be an understatement. In just a matter of days, he achieved more progress with my case than the previous solicitor managed in 18 months.
Extremely happy with the service
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AClaim came highly recommended to me by someone at the bike club. I suffered a life-changing accident after I was hit by someone running a red light at nearly 50mph. The first accident I've had in 42 years of riding!! As a result I can no longer ride. The decision to hang up my biking gear was a difficult one, but AClaim's guidance and support have made navigating this challenging time a bit easier. Thank you to Gary and the team for everything you have done.
So glad I found AClaim
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I had a pretty nasty motorcycle accident, and the solicitor my insurance company assigned to my case didn't seem very interested in fighting my case. That's when I got in touch with Gary at AClaim, thanks to a recommendation. Gary provided solid advice and went above and beyond in helping me arrange private medical support and rehabilitation. He worked tirelessly and thanks to him my claim ended up being a big success. I can't sing Gary's praises enough. He genuinely cares about his clients and their well-being.
Great service
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I just wanted to give a big shoutout to the awesome folks at AClaim for being such a huge help with my motorbike accident claim. And a special thumbs-up to Gary Laiolo, who was that friendly voice on the phone that made all the stress from the accident disappear. Thanks, AClaim, and a big high-five to Gary for making this whole process a whole lot easier for me!