Successful Claim for Chester Biker in Accident Caused by Pothole

Covering the timeframe of April to June 2020, the RAC revealed concerning data indicating that 1,766 drivers experienced accidents directly caused by potholes. From January to March 2021, they reported an alarming 4,694 instances, constituting one-twentieth of their total call-outs, where vehicles were damaged due to encounters with potholes.

Case Study: Chester biker wins compensation after pothole accident


In this case study, we examine a motorbike accident that occurred just outside Chester, where a young man was awarded compensation after hitting a pothole.

The incident resulted in significant injuries, medical expenses, repair costs, and loss of income for the victim.

We will explore the details of the accident, the legal process, and the factors that led to the successful claim against the local council responsible for maintaining the road. 


The 32-year-old motorbike rider was traveling on a B-road near Chester when he unexpectedly encountered a pothole.

The size or visibility of the pothole was not explicitly mentioned, but it was significant enough to cause severe damage to both the rider and his bike.

The accident occurred when the motorbike hit the pothole, causing the back end of the bike to swing outwards and the front wheel to buckle. As a result, the rider was thrown off the bike and trapped beneath it as it continued to slide across the road.

Injuries and Damages 

The accident resulted in substantial physical and financial consequences for the victim.

The rider suffered injuries, the extent of which is not specified, but likely included broken bones, abrasions, and possible internal trauma.

The medical expenses incurred for treatment, hospitalisation, and rehabilitation formed a significant component of the damages claimed.

Additionally, the motorcycle sustained significant damage, necessitating costly repairs.

Moreover, the victim experienced a loss of income due to the inability to work during the recovery period. 

Legal Proceedings 

To seek compensation, the injured motorbike rider pursued a legal claim against the responsible party, which, in this case, was the local council responsible for maintaining the road. The claim was based on the council’s duty of care to maintain the road in a safe condition, free from hazards that could endanger road users. The legal process involved the following steps: 

Gathering Evidence 

To establish liability, the victim and his legal representation collected evidence related to the accident. This may have included photographs or videos of the pothole, witness statements, medical records, police reports, and any available documentation regarding previous complaints about the road’s condition. 

Establishing Negligence 

The claimant needed to demonstrate that the local council had been negligent in maintaining the road. This required proving that the council knew or should have known about the hazardous condition of the pothole and failed to take appropriate action to repair it within a reasonable timeframe. 

Expert Analysis 

Expert witnesses, such as engineers or road maintenance specialists, may have been consulted to assess the condition of the road, determine the cause of the pothole, and provide professional opinions on the council’s negligence in fulfilling their duty of care. 

Negotiation and Settlement 

Following the presentation of evidence, negotiations between the claimant’s legal team and the council’s representatives likely took place. They sought to reach a fair settlement that would adequately compensate the victim for their injuries, financial losses, and emotional distress, without proceeding to a court trial. 

Factors Supporting the Claim 

Several factors likely contributed to the success of the claim: 

Negligent Road Maintenance 

If evidence indicated that the council had received previous complaints about the pothole or had a history of delayed or inadequate road maintenance, it would have strengthened the claimant’s argument regarding the council’s negligence. 

Duty of Care 

The local council had a duty of care to ensure the safety of road users. By failing to address the hazardous condition of the road, the council breached this duty, potentially leading to liability. 

Proximate Cause 

The direct link between the pothole and the accident was crucial. The claimant needed to establish that the presence of the pothole was the primary cause of the motorbike crash and subsequent injuries. 

Supporting Evidence 

Photographs, witness statements, and expert analyses could have provided compelling evidence supporting the claimant’s case, helping to demonstrate the council’s negligence and liability. 


In this case study, a young man successfully claimed compensation after suffering injuries and financial losses due to a motorbike accident caused by a pothole.

The claimant’s legal team effectively demonstrated the council’s negligence in maintaining the road, resulting in a settlement that covered the victim’s pain and suffering, medical expenses, repair costs, and loss of income.

This case highlights the importance of maintaining road infrastructure to ensure the safety of all road users and the potential liability of responsible entities for failing to fulfil their duty of care. 

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According to initial data provided by the Department for Transport, it appears that there were 633 road incidents in the Cheshire West and Chester region in 2021. This figure indicates an increase compared to the previous year, where the number stood at 550.

Gary Laiolo – Motorbike Accident Claims Expert Chester

I am based near Chester and available outside of office hours, so please feel free to contact me during the evening or at the weekend.

I frequently conduct home visits so that I can fully understand your case. I work with clients on a no win, no fee basis so there is no financial risk to you. You can read more about my experience here.

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